Thursday, 11 October 2018

Continuing with our "Health and Wellbeing" theme we have made a Gratitude Tree - one of the activities in "50 Ways to Feel Happy" by Vanessa King.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Reigate Chatterbooks are back for the new school year would appear they are quiet and concentrating ......I'm sure it won't last long !!

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Display of "What makes me feel good" sheets produced by children from Chatterbooks at Haslemere and Camberley Libraries.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Weybridge Library Chatterbooks are back!

We had our second meeting of our new Chatterbooks Group at Weybridge Library in July. We had a fantastic discussion about 'To the edge of the World' by Julia Green which we all enjoyed. It is a fantastic adventure and helped us all think about being more confident when something is worrying us. 

Image result for me and mr p cover

We started reading the 2018 Surrey Children's Book Awards winner 'Me and Mr P' by Maria Farrer during the meeting and we all enjoyed taking turns reading a page each. We took a break in August for the summer holidays and met again last Friday. We had a very lively discussion about 'Me and Mr P' concluding that if we couldn't have our own 'Mr P' to help us when we needed it then a giant polar bear beanbag would be the next best thing!

We had lots of fun filling in our 'What makes me feel good' sheets which we will be sending to Shepperton Chatterbooks Group as part of a project to get to know other Chatterbooks groups for National Libraries Week in October. 

At the end of the meeting we started 'The Girl with the Lost Smile' by Miranda Hart. We have two signed copies of the book at Weybridge Library. If you'd like to enter the draw to win a copy please drop into Weyridge Library before 19 October and complete the four challenges. All completed entires will be entered into the draw and you will receive a Girl with the Lost Smile button badge for entering.
Image result for the girl with the lost smile

There are a few spaces on the group so if you are aged between 8 and 11 and would like to join us please sign up at Weybridge Library or email
Our next meeting is on Friday 19 October from 3.45 - 4.45 pm.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

During September and October Chatterbooks at Haslemere Library are reading books with a "Health and Well-being Theme". 

We are also writing about our favourite books on "What makes me feel good" sheets that will form part of a display during National Libraries Week.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Woking Library Chatterbooks  19th July 2018
This was the last session before our summer break and Kasper brought in sweets for the group. 
We had read 'Urban Outlaws' by Peter Jay Black which is a story about a group of teenagers who outsmart crime gangs by hacking their computer systems, using free-running skills and tech-gadgets to break into their headquarters and distribute their ill-gotten gains. Most of the group loved the book which ended on a cliff-hanger and Zak and Toby went on to read others in the series. 
Clelia, however wasn't so keen as she felt the story lacked the human element. 
We started by making a list of our Hacker names, special skills, likes and fears, and went on to follow a trail of clues around the library, to unlock to 'top secret' box of sweets that master criminals Clare and Anna had hidden in their secret hide-away. First the gang had to find the hidden map, and then an over-lay which pin-pointed the places in the library where mystical symbols were concealed. After searching the library, they then had to find what numbers the symbols represented on a decoding sheet. Once they had four numbers they again searched the room and found a key safe and put the code into it to get the key to the padlock. 

This was when disaster struck! Somehow the code one of the master criminals (Anna) had devised didn't open the key safe and the key could not be released!  Never mind, in their desperation to get their hands on the horde of sweets, the Chatterbooks gang found that part of the crate could be prised open and the sweets could be shaken out of the crack! Sweets all round. So our last Chatterbooks session before the break had a happy conclusion after all. 

The books we will be reading over the Summer break will be: 
Sky Chasers by Emma Carroll 
Confessions of an Imaginary Friend by Michelle Cuevas 
Our next meeting will be 13th September 2018 

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

This month Chatterbooks at Haslemere Library read 'The Girl with the Lost Smile' by Miranda Hart and 'Swallows and Amazons' by Arthur Ransome. We also coloured in bunting for the Summer Reading Challenge.