Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A.F Harrold and Emily Gravett Visit Addlestone Library Chatterbooks

A.F Harrold and Emily Gravett’s
Visit to Addlestone Library

By Daniel T and Billy N

On Monday 13th April Addlestone Library Chatterbooks Group had special access to the library to see the marvellous author A.F Harrold and the spectacular illustrator Emily Gravett. The reason we were allowed to have this one in a million offer was because we entered a specialised competition for Chatterbooks groups only. With some help we created an interesting imaginary friend (Frilly Lilly). Here is a picture of us with Frilly Lilly:

On the day it took only a few jokes to get our mouths pouring out like Niagara Falls with laughter. Mr Harrold told us a very unique poem of other creatures like the tooth fairy (A.F Harrold) asked Billy Nuttall and Daniel Teixeira to create two more creatures, The Beard Troll and The Hair Whatever. The Beard Troll by Billy gave A.F Harrold nightmares. While we were describing The Beard Troll and The Hair Whatever Emily drew them as seen here:

After the session we were then allowed to buy copies of The Imaginary which A.F.Harrold and Emily Gravett signed. The group all had fun and would love to meet both again and wish they could be just as great at their jobs as they are!

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