Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Unique form of time travel in Timesmith by Niel Bushnell

The Chatterbooks reading group met on 19 July to discuss Niel Bushnell’s ‘Timesmith’.  The group thought that Bushnell’s idea of time travel into the past was clever but at times quite confusing. Time travel in the book happens through Sorrowlines, the channels that connect every gravestone with the date of the person’s death. Although the characters could see their future selves and the future selves of people they knew the Chatterbooks members were unable to properly identify with them because the plot was somewhat complicated. Some members even went so far as to say that the book should be pitched at an older reading group. However, the group might have enjoyed it more if they had read the first book in the series before reading this one. Try it for yourself… the mysterious storyline certainly made Sophie Luo keep reading till the end. Those who got to the end of the book also commented on the unusual ending. We won’t say anyone more.

Sophie Luo's review of Timesmith by Niel Bushnell


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