Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Libraries Week stories conclude…

All four stories, completed by our 13 active Chatterbooks groups, have been delivered safely by the last four Chatterbooks groups. What a journey and what amazing stories you have helped create.

Alice and Blake went on an epic adventure through a black hole, met the Storymaster and came face to face with many fantastic creatures including some evil ducks. But, did they find the ‘key’ to despatch the evil creatures and return the Storymaster to his book?

Christina and Jeff had a gentler journey but who was the mysterious hooded figure and did they read sufficient booksto find the key to the big lock to escape?

Charlotte and Riley had a time travelling adventure fending off a robotic cat, dragons and soldiers. Would they ever find a way back through time or was there an easier solution?

Finally, Ella and Liam’s determined quest for the dark cloaked figure led them to a truly terrifying monster and Liam vanishes. Will the Head Librarian come to their rescue in time and where does Dewey number 398.469 fit into the story?

Only the finished book will answer all your questions….

Watch this space for another update soon.

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