Tuesday, 15 October 2019

We love Justice!

We had a great first Chatterbooks meeting after the Summer. Everyone was excited to share their summer news, but all of us were really excited about the book that we'd read over the Summer holiday. "A Girl Called Justice" by Elly Griffiths was a universal hit with everyone.
Lots of us had asked for murder mystery stories and we have read some which have received mixed reviews. This one however, was one of our most popular books, with a thumbs up from everyone.
The book is set in the 1930's when Justice is sent to boarding school for the very first time, after the death of her mum. The school is remote and rather eery and Justice's detective skills are challenged from the very beginning. It's one of those books that keeps you guessing, with lots of plot twists all the way, right through to the end.

The author Elly Griffiths has a family connection to Weybridge and so we did some group research, to see if we could find out about the school that Elly's mum went to locally, which the school in the book, Highbury House, is based on. We found some pictures of it in local history books and read about its history. It has been closed for a long time as a school, but the building can still be seen in Weybridge. Here it is in the picture below and you can see the tower, exactly as it is described in the book when Justice goes around the school looking for clues!

All of us agreed that Elly Griffiths has written a really enjoyable and exciting book which we would recommend! @EllyGriffithsAuthor @quercusbooks  Nan Lawson  hachettechildrens

Our next read is "Time Travelling With a Hamster" by Ross Welford. It's an exciting adventure story, which we are looking forward to reading. You can catch up with what we thought about the book in our next blog.

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