Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Deadly 7 by Garth Jennings Gets Good and Bad Reviews

Another lively discussion took place at the Egham Library Chatterbooks meeting on Tuesday 21 June 2016. The group was divided in two halves: those who loved the book and those who never want to read it again. The feelings were rather strong from both camps.

Those who disliked the book said that the humour was bland and the plot was silly and in some places confusing. As a result some children didn't get past the first few pages. Should they have read on?

 According to those members who enjoyed the book, it certainly deserves a chance. They said it was clever of the author, Garth Jennings, to come up with a plot where an 11 year old boy accidently extracts the seven deadly sins from his soul and then uses them on a quest to find his big sister who has been abducted. They enjoyed the descriptions of the monsters and their superhero powers; and the illustrations by the author were 'brilliant'. Kirsty particularly liked the monster called 'Crush'; and for the first time ever, Finlay gave the book 51⁄2 stars (out of 5!). He praised the book because it was unusual and I called it 'quirky'.

 Is it worth trying out with your own Chatterbooks group? I would say it is! The book certainly provokes a great deal of thought and discussion. Everyone in the group enjoyed the book quiz: matching the description of the monsters with their names. They also enjoyed applying their creativity in designing their own monsters and giving them a name and description. Here are some of their monsters (don't get too spooked!)


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