Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Lottery Boy by Michael Byrne: Reviews by The Avengers Teen Reading Group


The Avengers Teen Reading Group met at Egham Library on Tuesday 11 October 2016 to discuss ‘Lottery Boy’ by Michael Byrne.

The group had high expectations for a book with an appealing front cover and an interesting storyline. There was no question that the book is action packed as the young protagonist, Bully, is set on a quest to claim a winning lottery ticket given to him by his mum as a last gift before she died. However, when word gets out on the street that Bully has a winning ticket, his quest to meet the deadline to submit his ticket before it is made null and void is complicated by those on the street who want to claim it for themselves.

It all sounds like an interesting and somewhat unusual story but the average rating for ‘Lottery Boy’ by Michael Byrne from the Avengers Teen Reading Group was just:


Here are the group’s reviews:

Tiree said, ‘I enjoyed the background story of Bully’.

Grace said, ‘It is an unusual story… it’s very slow and not interesting.’

Sophie said, ‘It was a very desperate race for Bully to survive in the book and it kept me reading a teeny bit. It was a very complicated storyline and got a bit boring halfway through.’

Elliot said, ‘It was action packed but also monotonous.’

Emily said, ‘It was exciting with great scenes and background but it was also repetitive and a bit slow.’

The Avengers Teen Reading Group had fun talking about what they would do if they won the jackpot lottery prize… the possibilities are endless!!!!


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