Thursday, 20 October 2016

Top Marks for The Bolds by Julian Clary

Egham Library Chatterbooks were excited to talk about ‘The Bolds’ by Julian Clary on Tuesday 18 October and they almost jumped off their seats when asked if they would like to read the second book in the series: ‘The Bolds to the Rescue'. Hands up in the air, they all exclaimed, ‘Yes, please, please… when can we read it?’
So what did Egham Library Chatterbooks find so amazing about ‘The Bolds’ book? You can read their reviews below because they say it best in their own words. Megan gives an excellent summary of ‘The Bolds’ and they all agree it was the fabulous humour, the great illustrations and the unusual storyline that kept them glued to the pages. Now they are hooked and want MORE. Thank goodness Julian Clary has written the second book in the series: ‘The Bolds to the Rescue’. What will Egham Library Chatterbooks think of book two in the series? We’ll have to wait a couple of months to find out…

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