Thursday, 24 November 2016

Average ratings for Graphic by Cathy Brett’s ‘Dyslexia Friendly’ book for Young Adults


Joe is fantastic at Art. He draws all the time, even when he should be doing schoolwork. The real fun begins when what he draws starts to happen in real life. Now he can have whatever he wants by putting pencil to paper!

Money, cool cars, the prettiest girl in his year...

But then Joe's drawings come to life in scary ways he never planned.

The Avengers Teen Reading Group came together at Egham Library on 15th November to discuss ‘Graphic’ by Cathy Brett, a ‘dyslexia friendly’ book. All the group members, with the exception of Grace, said the book was average. So what let it down? The story was clever but it came to an abrupt end. The group wanted to know more about the characters outside school. They felt they needed to understand Joe’s obsession with drawing. They also felt that Joe’s and Honey’s relationship develops in a very superficial way. Grace disliked the book because the story and the writing was too simplistic.

However, the group enjoyed the activity inspired by Cathy Brett’s book, ‘Graphic’, which involved cutting out images and words that attracted their attention from magazines. They then filled an A3 sheet with the imagery and words to create a collage that reflected their thoughts and feelings. When their collages were finished the group were invited to identify themes and visual stories. Looking at these collages, what do you think each member of the group was thinking at the time?


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