Thursday, 24 November 2016

Top ratings for David Walliams' ‘The Boy in the Dress’ from Egham Library Chatterbooks

The Egham Library Chatterbooks Group met on Tuesday 22 November to discuss David Walliams' book, 'The Boy in the Dress'. The group made some intelligent and perceptive observations about the book. Yes, it was funny but there was an underlying sadness to it as well. The group recognised that Denis had a difficult relationship with his family, especially his father, and the children were able to identify the causes of those tensions. The group also discussed the racial and identity prejudices in the book and recognised the importance of being yourself and for others to accept individuality - it doesn't matter if you're a boy and want to dress up in a dress! The group's thoughts about the book were intelligent and funny. They also had a great time during the activity. Here are their fabulous imaginative and creative displays inspired by David Walliams', The Boy in the Dress'.

The above is by Poppy

The above is by Libby

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