Friday, 6 February 2015

Winners! - Addlestone Library

Back in December we received an email about a competition being run by The Reading Agency and Bloomsbury Publishers. The competition was for Chatterbook Groups to create an imaginary friend and the winning group would win a visit by A.F Harrold and Emily Gravett, the author and illustrator of The Imaginary.

Just this week we have received an email from The Reading Agency informing us that Addlestone Library's Chatterbooks group's entry of their imaginary friend "Frilly Lilly" won!

Here is a picture of the group with their winning entry: 

As you can see Frilly Lilly is very individual! Here is a description of her:

Frilly Lilly

Frilly Lilly is our imaginary friend,
she has a sister called Dozy Rozie.
As you can see she wears frilly pants on her head
but she also has a multi-coloured moustache and a tattoo.
Although her name is actually Frilly Lilly we sometimes call her Wonky Lilly
because she can only afford one shoe.
Just like us she loves to read,
her favourite book is Pants by Giles Andreae and Nick Sharratt.
Frilly Lilly loves to eat everything
but most of all magic beans.
When she gets in trouble the blonde stripes in her hair
will glow brightly so that no one can see her.
Although Frilly Lilly is imaginary
we know that she really exists,
and for this we are really glad
because she is our very best of friend!

We are very excited about our visit from A.F Harrold and Emily Gravett! Watch this space to find out how it goes :)

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